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Olympic Level Sponsor over $10,000
Elite Level Sponsor $9,999 - $5,000
Champion Level Sponsor $4,999 - $1,000
Medalist Level Sponsor $999 - $1

Medalist Level Sponsor
Andy and Joanna Palzkill, Ashley Damrow, Brianna Huebner, Cindy Mulcahy, Dave and Lori Warren, David and Vivian Lieske, Evonik Materials Corporation, Gary and Cindy Waterworth, Heather Wecker, Jackie Keyser, James Bestul, Jim and Mary Lieder, Jon and Micki Sockness, Joyce Flum, Karen Reed, Kirk and Kate Walton, Marissa Douglas, Mark and Mary Toberman, Mary Harper, Michael Plessel, Milton KOA, Ron and Linda Murphy, Shawn Fladhammer, Steven and Diana Lieder, Syl and Linda Groeschl, Tami Dosch, Ted and Mary Palzkill, Tony Lukas

Champion Level Sponsor
Alisa and Jason Arndt Family, Cynthia Swanson, Don and Carol Tyriver, Janice Evans, Steve and Wendy Tupper, Steve and Cindy Wright, Tom and Terri Lieder

Elite Level Sponsor
Sue and Leo Johnson

Olympic Level Sponsor
Family of Joe Brown and Lisa Heinen, Kristin Koeffler, Peggy Herschberg

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  • Additional bleacher capacity: increasing seating capacity 100 seats (total of 550 seats)
  • Lieder Family Pool sign
  • Upgraded timing system including touchpads
  • Upgraded Audio/Visual System
  • Upgraded Starting Blocks
Please send donations by check to P.O. Box 188, Milton, WI 53563.